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Biozone Induct 1500 Air Purifier / Air Cleaner

Designed for Coverage up to 1500 sq. ft

Your Biozone Induct Air Purifier / Air Cleaner system will kill the mold that grows within your ventilation ductwork. That mold can be toxic and every time you run the fan in your system, you blow that toxic mold into your living areas. Whenever your systems are running your Biozone Induct Air Purifier / Air Cleaner will be killing germs, eliminating odors and destroying the contamination in the air and on the surfaces inside your whole home or building. Buy your Biozone Induct Air Purifier / Air Cleaner today! Breathe Pure, Fresh, Air Everywhere!


  • Purifying Process - Photoplasma
  • Photocatalytic Ionization
  • Housing - ABS, Aluminum Composite.
  • Electric - 12v DC
  • (International Adapters Available.)
Protect your home from contamination such as bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens, smoke, odors, dust and much more with an Induct Air Purifier / Air Cleaner!

Buy a Biozone!

Biozone's 3 Year Warranty and Ameripure Technologies' No Hassle 100% Money Back

Satisfaction Guarante
e make this the
perfect time to buy


Induct 1500

90 Day Satisfaction

3 Year Warrantee!

APPLICATIONS for the Induct Air Purifier / Air Cleaner:
Excellent for use in a small home or apartment. Install multiple systems for the large ventilation system in your commercial building.

DESCRIPTION of the Induct Air Purifier / Air Cleaner:
For use in central air conditioning ventilation systems. The purification process will significantly reduce airborne pollution and contamination in your home or business. Easily install the Induct Air Purifier / Air Cleaner in your air handler supply or return plenum.

BENEFITS of the Induct Air Purifier / Air Cleaner:
A safer, healthier environment for you and your family, your employees and your customers. Live and work in an environment free from airborne contamination.

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